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Hallym signs a MOU with LG to lead Smart Hospital Robot

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Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital recently signed a MOU based on ‘Robot Service Development and Business Cooperation for the smart hospital life of medical staff and patients’ with LG Electronics. Kyung Ho Yu, Director of Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital, Me Yeon Lee, Director of Command Center, Seung Dae Lee, Chief Administrative Officer of the hospital, and Kyu-chan Roh, Vice president and Head of the robot business division of LG Electronics attended the signing ceremony.

In the future, the two institutions will collaborate to create scenarios for robots and build specialized empirical cases for hospital settings. They will also seek diverse opportunities to use robots in domestic and overseas medical businesses. Their collaboration will involve developing robot product plans tailored for hospital use and conducting mutual system integration.

Hallym Hospital plans to share empirical cases of robots with hospitals both domestically and internationally. This initiative is based on the successful operation of the largest-scale medical service robots in the country, consisting of 7 types and 73 units. Additionally, the hospital will collaborate with LG Electronics to enhance the productivity of robot solutions.

LG Electronics will designate Hallym Hospital as a 'LG Electronics Advanced Robot Leading Hospital.' It will develop products to improve the working environment of medical staff and enhance hospital based scenarios.

Kyung Ho Yu, Director of the hospital, stated, "Our hospital is taking the opportunity to further develop the experience and technology accumulated through medical service robots by signing this agreement with LG Electronics.” He added, “We hope to develop various scenarios with LG that can increase the satisfaction of patients and medical staffs, improve the quality of medical services, and lead to results that become a new standard for medical service robots."

Kyu-chan Roh, the head of LG Electronics’ robot business, stated, "Medical service robots require high-level technology and effort in various fields, including AI, communication, control, and safety, due to the unique situation and environment of hospitals." He also mentioned, "We are excited to enhance service robots through active collaboration with Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital, which has effectively utilized medical service robots."

By Hyuk Joo Lee, International Cooperation Team, Hallym University Medical Center (hyukjoolee@hallym.or.kr)

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