Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital


Free Parking Information

Inpatient Outpatient & Medical Test General Visitors

Free for the day:

- Day of hospital admission and discharge

- Day of surgery

* Fee for General Visitors will be charged except for the above dates.

4 hours free(8 hours free for 2 department visitors)

Emergency & Hemodialysis patients:

10 hours free

15 minutes free

Parking Fee : 500 KRW / 10 minutes

(after exceeding the free parking time)
Single-day parking ticket (10,000 KRW / day) is available to purchase only for inpatient guardians who registered their vehicles. (2 vehicles per one inpatient are available to register.)
If you lost your parking ticket, the parking fee will be charged from 00:00.
Unmanned Parking Payment system is available at the Lobby, Parking payment station, and funeral hall.

External Parking Lot

Venue: CGV Pyeongchon Parking Lot 3F-5F
Outpatients, Inpatients, Emergency & Hemodialysis Patients are available.
Free parking: same as above.
How to use
Park the car and see a doctor at the hospital
Recognizing bar-code of hospital receipt at the Parking Payment System on 3F.
(Patient Registration Number is also available.)
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