Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital


  • 2019
    • Jan 18Held a symposium in celebration of 1,000th Robotic Surgery by Da Vinci Xi
    • Apr 20Received a visit from a delegation of UCLA, USA
    • June 6Held a seminar with SK C&C on Digital Transformation for employees
    • June 26Hosted an invited lecture by Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Ada Yonath
    • Aug 26Opened the Wellness Health Promotion Center
    • Sept 3Received a visit from a delegation of Nagasaki University, Japan
    • Sept 5Received a visit from nursing students of Nagoya University, Japan
    • Nov 19Offered a Brain Saver training program for ambulance workers
    • Nov 25-27Offered a ECMO training program for medical personnel of Korean Armed Forces Capital Hospital
    • Oct 10Held Robotic Surgery Symposium in commemoration of completing 1,000 robotic surgeries using da Vinci Xi
    • Nov 28Held the Hallym-Nagoya City University International Symposium
  • 2018
    • Mar 21Opened the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
    • Mar 30Celebrated the 10,000 cases of breast and thyroid cancer surgery of Prof. Lee-Su Kim
    • Apr 2Held the 4th HUMC-UCLA International Conference
    • Apr 2-3Held a workshop by UCLA on Medical Simulation
    • Sept 6Launched the We-Ro Campaign
    • Dec 27Set up CT Simulator for cancer diagnosis
  • 2017
    • Feb 21Signed an MOU with MOHW for overseas emergency relief
    • June 15Launched a comprehensive nursing service
    • July 15Opened the Hallym Institute for Medical Simulation
    • Oct 13Signed an MOU with the Embassy of Tajikistan in Korea and the Tajikistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • 2016
    • Feb 20Held the Hallym International Fellow’s Day 2016
    • Sept 1Opened the Regional Emergency Medical Center of Southeastern Gyeonggi-do
  • 2015
    • Feb 6Received a visit from fellowship participants of Tokai University Hospital, Japan
    • Apr 18Opened the Hallym Institute for Translational Medicine
    • Apr 20Received a visit from a delegation of Uppsala University, Sweden
    • Apr 18Held the 1st HUMC-UCLA International Conference
  • 2014
    • May 13Received a visit from Dean Antonio M. Gotto of Weill Cornell Medical College, USA
    • Oct 4Received a visit from a delegation of UCLA Health, USA
    • Oct 8Received a visit from a delegation of universities in Sweden
    • Nov 7Received a visit from a delegation of Jilin University Hospital, China
  • 2013
    • Jan 18Set up an advanced radiation therapy equipment, RapidArc
    • Oct 19Received a visit from fellowship participants of Tokai University Hospital, Japan
    • Nov 11Received a visit from Uppsala University delegation
    • Nov 13Signed a partnership with Tonghua Central Hospital, Jilin, China
  • 2012
    • Apr 17-22Provided medical support in Vietnam with Gyeonggi-do
    • Nov 16Received a visit from Ca Mau Hospital delegation in Vietnam
    • Aug 9Won an award from Health Minister for hospital discharge injury survey
  • 2011
    • Jan 10Succeeded in the first liver transplantation
    • May 19Held the Hallym-NYPH International Seminar on Medical Social Work
    • Oct 7Held the 2nd Hallym-Oulu International Symposium
  • 2010
    • Sept 9Received a visit from nursing leadership of Tokai University Hospital, Japan
    • Mar 29Offered a training program for medical personnel of Mother and Child Healthcare Center, Kitengela, Kenya
    • Aug 9Won an award from Health Minister for responding to novel influenza
    • Oct 18Received a visit from a delegation of University of Padova, Italy
    • Oct 26Received a visit from a delegation of Tokai University Hospital, Japan
  • 2009
    • Jan 1Designated as one of tertiary hospitals in Korea
    • Jan 14Signed a partnership with United States Forces Korea (USFK)
    • Aug 26Received a visit from familiarization your members from Vietnam
  • 2008
    • Apr 14-30Offered training programs for the mobile clinic team from Iraq
    • May 3Hosted an invited lecture by Dean Kjell Öberg of Uppsala University Faculty of Medicine, Sweden
    • Aug 12Received a visit from Dean Gerald Fischbach of Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, USA
  • 2007
    • June 19Signed a partnership with the Korean American Association of New York
    • Dec 11-15Joined volunteer work for cleaning up Taean-gun seashore affected by a crude oil spill
  • 2006
    • Feb 1Opened RefoMax System
    • July 19-23Provided medical support in Pyeongchang-gun affected by flood
    • July 27Launched the ‘Hallym Neurinso Community Service Team’
    • Aug 16Signed a partnership with Anyang-si Sports Team
    • Sept 1-9Provided medical support institution for World Roller Speed Skating Championship
    • Oct 21Demonstrated a live surgery of laparoscopic obesity surgery by Dr. Michel Gagner of Cornell University
    • Nov 29Succeeded in living-donor kidney transplantation
  • 2005
    • Jan 6-15Provided medical support in Sri Lanka affected by Tsunami
    • Mar 12-13Held the Best Practice Competition
    • Aug 1Designated as a BIO-Safety Level 3 CJD Diagnosis and Postmortem Center
  • 2004
    • Jan 5Set up MDCT
    • Jan 26Received a visit from NYPH (NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital) officials
    • Mar 19 Hosted a Radiation Oncology International Symposium
    • Apr 6-7Received a visit from NYPH (NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital) leadership
    • Apr 29Received a visit from People’s Hospital of Lianyungang delegation
  • 2003
    • July 3Launched a digitalized full PACS system
    • Nov 6Set up PET-CT
  • 2002
    • May 30Held an International Nursing Academic Conference
  • 2001
    • Mar 27Received a visit from a delegation of Yamaguchi University, Japan
    • Sept 13Opened the Hallym Institute of Translational Genomics & Bioinformatics
  • 2000
    • Jan 1Korea’s first new millennium baby was born.
    • May 31Designated as an institution for an organ transplant and brain death determination
  • 1999
    • Jan 25Began medical service
    • Mar 6Held a grand opening ceremony
    • July 24Held a symposium on geriatric medicine in celebration of hospital opening
    • Aug 6Provided medical support for flood victims in Paju and Yeoncheon
  • 1998
    • Nov 11Completed the hospital construction
    • Dec 17Held an inauguration ceremony for the 1st Hospital Director Ki Yang Ryoo
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