Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital

Specialized Centers

Breast & Endocrine Cancer Center

Breast cancer and thyroid cancer are the most common cancers among Korean women and the prevalence rate is constantly increasing. The Department of Breast Endocrine Surgery is specialized in treating these major two cancers in women and aims at becoming the nation’s best facility in this field.

The center makes its best efforts to treat the patients with its highest-quality doctors and the most advanced medical equipment. The high-resolution ultrasound scanner and PET-CT enables doctors to diagnose the patients more accurately, and more than 500 cancer patients are treated every year. Recently, the department actively carries out minimally invasive surgeries including endoscopic thyroid surgery, and laparoscopic adrenal resection.

Weekly Schedule (2024-07-15 ~ 2024-07-20)
The schedule may be subject to change. Please call (+82) 31-380-4026 before you visit us.